What are the Most Surprising Things You’ll Find in Video Games?

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The public sees video games as something that children enjoy playing. But in the recent times even the adults as old as 50 years of age are playing video games. The players are put in the middle of the experience like no other. Mainstream theater shows can throw bigger speakers, bigger screens, and moving seats all they can, but it can only settle at that level. It can never reach the height of activity that video games are able to provide.

You might be surprised or shocked to know that there are certain parts of a game that can never be forgotten. Please be advised that the following contains spoilers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

While the Call of Duty game series is not really at the top of the list of recommended to play story-driven games, Modern Warfare comes with its shocker. They seem to have placed the game on a whole new controversial level by placing the mission “No Russian”.

The game’s fourth mission lets you play the role of Alexei Borodin, who is an undercover agent from CIA Joseph Allen. Your character will join a group of terrorists from Russia as they kill civilians at the airport in Moscow. This part of the game is quite brutal, disquieting and graphic as you can murder the civilians casually though the Zakhaev International together with 4 other gunmen that will aid you in mowing down the crowd.

During the time when this game was released, it garnered a lot of controversy from the media, but only got minor criticisms in which it mitigated that you do not need to shoot anyone personally and you even got an option to skip the entire level without getting any penalties or missing something in the story.

Halo: Reach

The last Halo installment was Halo: Reach before they moved on and fulfilled their promised destiny. The past of the Covenant War is something that Halo fans are familiar with, but the previous installation of the game provided the gamers with a chance to play through the first encounter of humanity with the evil Covenant for themselves. Players take the role of the Spartan Noble Team as you and the group and will investigate the reason why communications relay went offline in the Reach planet. Soon after that, they discover an invading force. From there, things go downhill for the player and his team.

After cleaning up the events that are linked with Halo: Combat Evolved, the players are provided a post-credits scene. In there, the Noble Six that were stranded in the mission make the heroic last stand right up against the overwhelming forces from the Covenant. Being the player, you hold out as much as you can but later will realize that you will not be getting out alive after all. While this may not be much of a huge shock in the end, it does suggest that you will end up that way, but what surprised those who played is that when you just realized this is how it ends.

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