What are the Health Benefits of Playing Video Games?

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The title can tick off health buffs as they believe that video games can only make the players worse, especially when it comes to mental health. Many parents or the general adult population do not like seeing their kids getting too engrossed in video games. There have been a lot of reports that kids these days no longer go out of their house simply to play more video games, however little do these adults know that there are health benefits that avid gamers can acquire from playing video games.

Playing Video Games Boosts Your Memory

Have you seen those games that make you think a lot? Those crazy puzzles and riddles to solve before you can proceed to the next level? Those are just some of the things that can make your brain work fully since it needs to solve the problem at hand. But this is not only claimed by gamers. Several studies have shown that video games are beneficial for memory. A recent study from the University of California shows that the hippocampus side of the brain, which is linked with complex memory and learning, was altered when playing 3-dimensional games.

The improvement of memory was fairly considerable, which was recorded as high as 12 percent in a number of individuals. It wasn’t clear what really helped enhanced the memory through games, but the researchers were excited regarding how their findings can be utilized in treating people that are suffering from cognition and memory issues.

Enhances Coordination

Video games aid in zeroing in excellent levels when it comes to hand-eye coordination. The games can help so much that they are even being used to train surgeons through simulations, especially when it comes to making the right movements and at the same time perform tasks that have limited space. The connection between motor skills and video games has already been known for quite a long time but was only fully recognized when newer research had given more light onto such a connection. Fast-paced online games like ones you can find at rmoc those first person shooters were shown how it could boost up motor skills and even develop in quick decision making.

Beneficial for cognitive health

The video games are not only great for memory, but they can also aid in enhancing the overall cognitive function of the brain. This means that by giving some time to play your favorite video game, you get to work on being more attentive, perceptive and focused, all the while you are thinking critically and at the same time making decisions in the game. This is the best and most significant part of the game as it is a viable option for treatment among folks that are suffering form cognitive diseases related to age, like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Video games reduce depression and stress

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people play video games – to relieve stress and depression. Imagine you get to shoot monsters at your will? And there is a lot of evidence showing how video games are linked to reducing the levels of stress and depression. This is because it keeps the brain busy without making you too fixated about real world problems.

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