What are the Best Action RPG Games for PC?

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Looking for the best action RPG games to play on your PC? Below is a list of names that are considered the best of all time. This is a good guide for those that are looking for other action RPG titles that either they’ve missed, forgotten or never heard of.

Dark Souls 3

There is no need for an introduction to this game. This is designed as a simulator that can be almost difficult to beat. You are going to go through hell in order to finish this game. Many players admit that they were going through a lot of difficulty as this game offers a lot of challenges, which covers armored knights and the most peculiar monsters. This game is something you don’t want to miss playing right now.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

If you are familiar with the all time favorite game Diablo, then you will likely be familiar with this game. What makes the difference is that you can rotate the camera and it comes with better graphics. Wolcen provides a promise that it delivers a brand new experience with action RPG utilizing the most creative game mechanics and it also comes with the best open class system. You will never be disappointed with this game.

Dark Souls 2

You read that right! Unlike other action RPG games installments wherein the succeeding franchise tends to blow everything apart, Dark Souls 2 still gathers much from their previous franchise. The same with Dark Souls 3, but this is less intense than the former. However, don’t let that fool you. Dark Souls has been known to be the toughest game to beat ever, and that also includes this title. The players of this game engage to search for a cure for the curse they carry by journeying through the Drangleic lands.

Grim Dawn

This game is developed by the same ones who did Titan Quest. The game is set in a steampunk post-apocalyptic universe wherein the world has been violated by technology and magic. Although the game is similar from its predecessor, players of this game can create choices through the gameplay, which makes it more interesting. Strangers that come to you in families, roads, or even the whole village may perish or live based on your actions.


Much like Diablo and sitting next to the game Oblivion, this game is probably their offspring. It comes with a sprawling map that seems never to end, plus a colorful presentation through the isometric perspective. Make sure that you keep focused in this game or you’ll just get lost in all those sidequests.


This game will always be on the list of must play action RPG games. This was the first effort of Runic that received quite a good reception. This is because it provided a nostalgic feeling like what players of Diablo felt. The lack of the multiplayer option may make one feel rather odd in a game in this day and age, but you will find an even better mode of play with Torchlight 2 after releasing their first franchise.

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