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The world of video games has consistently grown and modernized over time. What originally started off as arcade games has now evolved into entirely different gaming experiences. Over the course of time, there have been so many people to enjoy the world of video gaming. Video games are not just a hobby but for many, an entire career! Whether it be on Xbox, PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, or any other system, people have indulged in video games for years. This technology has certainly modernized and will only continue to do so as time progresses and the demand for newer and better games and gaming systems, increase.

So what makes the world of video gaming so appealing? There are many different answers to this question. One of the central concepts is the fact that video games are incredibly diverse. Video games themselves offer people the opportunity to tap into another mind set altogether. The diversity can be within the video game and the story in which it was made, however, there is greater diversity in the online aspect.

There are various video games that allow you to play online with other people. This does not limit you to people in your neighborhood or even state. No, the online world of video gaming is literally worldwide. You are given the opportunity to become friends with someone who lives on an entirely different continent.

Video games build long lasting and diverse friendships. This happens so easily and through many different types of video games.

Another reason that the world of video games is so appealing is because it is a distraction from the outside world. People who struggle with anxiety, stress, or just in general need to relax after a long day, can easily find relief in video games.

This can appeal to all ages as well. Children are not the most common users of video games. Teens are not the most common users of video games. Currently, those who are most using video games are young adults and middle aged adults.

It is easy to let the stresses of your day get the best of you but being able to escape your world entirely and focus on one central story or concept through a video game has been proven to be incredibly soothing for people. It is very common for adults to indulge in video games and feel more relaxation from that, than over sleeping.

Video games help people to make friends and help people relax. There are various benefits to playing video games however there are also downsides. In some studies, there have been reports of video games possibly leading to aggression or anger issues. However, this has not been tested with every single video game out there.

The different types of video games cannot be entirely narrowed down. However, a few different categories include: shooting games, educational, sporting games, and more recently developed, virtual reality.

Virtual reality games have been around for a while, however they have been more recently updated. There are many different games that one can play through virtual reality. These can include car racing games, scary/horror games, mazes, and many more. Virtual reality has also been for educational and training purposes in various instances. Medical professionals have used virtual reality to train students wishing to become doctors and different surgeries. This is beneficial as the student does not involve practicing on a real human body, rather a virtual body. The way that virtual reality works is with a headset and remotes that you use to control your character.

Video gaming is forever changing and will continue be beneficial for us in the future

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