Should You Be Playing Video Games?

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Does a complete beginner need a guide on how to play video games? Apparently so. If you are a gamer, you will be surprised that some your friends will come up to you to ask whether or not they should play video games.

There is no age limit to which a person should play video games, except for the fact that kids have to watch out which game genre is appropriate for them to play. Other than that, video games are open for everyone. If you love games and somebody asks you if they should be playing video games, naturally you would say yes! If this were several years ago, people would feel guilty if they played any video games. These days, it seems the video gaming world has seen progress as many people are now feeling guilty that they are getting behind from playing them.

Video games, in the recent years, have been shown by various research on how it can improve cognitive flexibility, hand-eye coordination, vision and even decision making. Video games are famous for their negative stereotypes, but despite all the things you hear about video gaming, they are inclusive and sociable, with supportive communities and even some brilliant events, like competitions and such. If you find people watching more than three hours a day watching TV or peruse continually with celebrity gossip sites daily, not to mention spending a lot of time with social media, you can’t even say that playing video games is a waste of time.

What are the things you need to play video games?

When video games are mentioned, naturally the first thing that comes to mind are the gaming consoles. However, if you already have a tablet or smartphone with you, you can use that to play games all you want. You will get access to more games if yours is the latest model and the operating system is updated. The best models to have are the latest ones from Android and iPhone.

However, there is only so much that mobile devices can do. If you want to play with more advanced gaming with the most amazing visuals, then you will need to buy a PC that is made for gaming. There are Apple Macs capable of running such games, too, but there are only a couple of titles it supports. A PC made for gaming can be quite pricey if you want all of the games from the recent release to be playable. You will need specs like an equivalent of Intel i7 4790 for the processor; a graphics card of Nvidia GTX 980 and a 16GB system memory, although 8GB is perfectly fine for video games. It is also best that you have the latest Windows installed in the system, too, although plenty of games these days support the open source Linux.

However, there is no need to spend so much on the highest specs. If you simply want to play most games, you can go for the lower ones listed above, and you can go to the minimum settings when you play the games.

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