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Looking for the best action RPG games to play on your PC? Below is a list of names that are considered the best of all time. This is a good guide for those that are looking for other action RPG titles that either they’ve missed, forgotten or never heard of.

Dark Souls 3

There is no need for an introduction to this game. This is designed as a simulator that can be almost difficult to beat. You are going to go through hell in order to finish this game. Many players admit that they were going through a lot of difficulty as this game offers a lot of challenges, which covers armored knights and the most peculiar monsters. This game is something you don’t want to miss playing right now.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

If you are familiar with the all time favorite game Diablo, then you will likely be familiar with this game. What makes the difference is that you can rotate the camera and it comes with better graphics. Wolcen provides a promise that it delivers a brand new experience with action RPG utilizing the most creative game mechanics and it also comes with the best open class system. You will never be disappointed with this game.

Dark Souls 2

You read that right! Unlike other action RPG games installments wherein the succeeding franchise tends to blow everything apart, Dark Souls 2 still gathers much from their previous franchise. The same with Dark Souls 3, but this is less intense than the former. However, don’t let that fool you. Dark Souls has been known to be the toughest game to beat ever, and that also includes this title. The players of this game engage to search for a cure for the curse they carry by journeying through the Drangleic lands.

Grim Dawn

This game is developed by the same ones who did Titan Quest. The game is set in a steampunk post-apocalyptic universe wherein the world has been violated by technology and magic. Although the game is similar from its predecessor, players of this game can create choices through the gameplay, which makes it more interesting. Strangers that come to you in families, roads, or even the whole village may perish or live based on your actions.


Much like Diablo and sitting next to the game Oblivion, this game is probably their offspring. It comes with a sprawling map that seems never to end, plus a colorful presentation through the isometric perspective. Make sure that you keep focused in this game or you’ll just get lost in all those sidequests.


This game will always be on the list of must play action RPG games. This was the first effort of Runic that received quite a good reception. This is because it provided a nostalgic feeling like what players of Diablo felt. The lack of the multiplayer option may make one feel rather odd in a game in this day and age, but you will find an even better mode of play with Torchlight 2 after releasing their first franchise.

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Does a complete beginner need a guide on how to play video games? Apparently so. If you are a gamer, you will be surprised that some your friends will come up to you to ask whether or not they should play video games.

There is no age limit to which a person should play video games, except for the fact that kids have to watch out which game genre is appropriate for them to play. Other than that, video games are open for everyone. If you love games and somebody asks you if they should be playing video games, naturally you would say yes! If this were several years ago, people would feel guilty if they played any video games. These days, it seems the video gaming world has seen progress as many people are now feeling guilty that they are getting behind from playing them.

Video games, in the recent years, have been shown by various research on how it can improve cognitive flexibility, hand-eye coordination, vision and even decision making. Video games are famous for their negative stereotypes, but despite all the things you hear about video gaming, they are inclusive and sociable, with supportive communities and even some brilliant events, like competitions and such. If you find people watching more than three hours a day watching TV or peruse continually with celebrity gossip sites daily, not to mention spending a lot of time with social media, you can’t even say that playing video games is a waste of time.

What are the things you need to play video games?

When video games are mentioned, naturally the first thing that comes to mind are the gaming consoles. However, if you already have a tablet or smartphone with you, you can use that to play games all you want. You will get access to more games if yours is the latest model and the operating system is updated. The best models to have are the latest ones from Android and iPhone.

However, there is only so much that mobile devices can do. If you want to play with more advanced gaming with the most amazing visuals, then you will need to buy a PC that is made for gaming. There are Apple Macs capable of running such games, too, but there are only a couple of titles it supports. A PC made for gaming can be quite pricey if you want all of the games from the recent release to be playable. You will need specs like an equivalent of Intel i7 4790 for the processor; a graphics card of Nvidia GTX 980 and a 16GB system memory, although 8GB is perfectly fine for video games. It is also best that you have the latest Windows installed in the system, too, although plenty of games these days support the open source Linux.

However, there is no need to spend so much on the highest specs. If you simply want to play most games, you can go for the lower ones listed above, and you can go to the minimum settings when you play the games.

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Role Playing Games, shortened as RPG, is a game genre wherein players take on the role of a character, the same way that an actor takes on the role in play. The player takes charge in making decisions, and through his actions, it will influence the game and how the story unfolds. Role playing games are not only limited to video games. They can also be played in live action and tabletop, but the acronym RPG is a telltale for avid video gamers that it is for video games.

RPG is not the only game genre out there, but the reasons why you should play this kind of genre, including the action RPG ones, are listed below.

Enhances Imagination

One of the main benefits of playing RPG games is that it encourages imagination. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating the character’s backstory, developing the setting or even formulates a response for the in-character, role playing games force the players to think what their character must do. Leaving it to the player to influence the character’s movement and flow in the game based on the former’s perceptions, lifestyle choices and experience to imagine about everything is a good thing for tolerance, perception and empathy.

RPG blends into the imaginative characteristics of both the actor and the author, thus forcing the players to use their realities. While the video games may place the player more on the rails unlike the tabletop experience, they are still required to have open-mindedness and even reason. The environments of role-playing games may already have readily prepared structures. However the manufacturers of the game encourage imagination above all else, which will instruct the players to throw out the rules that will hinder this journey.

Enhances Reasoning

Just from the part of what the character must do, this part uses observation and logic that will deduce what the other players have done before. If the player goes on the role of a noble warrior with the mind of devoting himself to the law, the main inquiry will be about how far out bending out the law for doing a virtuous act may happen. The player might even be inclined in choosing the virtuous act in exchange of dumping the law, yet the player also has his reason in what his character would do in the given situation.

At this end, players are also given the role of playing with morality, balancing chaos and law with evil and good. Reasoning does not only end in the mind. Encounters in combat are also an inherent part of RPG and by anticipating the attacks, tracking the environment of the enemy and formulating counter-strategies are all elements needed to gain the proper tactical advantage in the game. Such games aid players recognize the patterns then formulate methods of how they can succeed against them.

Brings out a detailed narrative

If there is no over-arching narrative in the game, the only thing that players do is simple conversations. Everything that happens in the role-playing game is derived from the impact of the narrative. Developing a narrative is an excellent way of exercising the mental capacity of the brain as it requires logic and creativity.

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The world of video games has consistently grown and modernized over time. What originally started off as arcade games has now evolved into entirely different gaming experiences. Over the course of time, there have been so many people to enjoy the world of video gaming. Video games are not just a hobby but for many, an entire career! Whether it be on Xbox, PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, or any other system, people have indulged in video games for years. This technology has certainly modernized and will only continue to do so as time progresses and the demand for newer and better games and gaming systems, increase.

So what makes the world of video gaming so appealing? There are many different answers to this question. One of the central concepts is the fact that video games are incredibly diverse. Video games themselves offer people the opportunity to tap into another mind set altogether. The diversity can be within the video game and the story in which it was made, however, there is greater diversity in the online aspect.

There are various video games that allow you to play online with other people. This does not limit you to people in your neighborhood or even state. No, the online world of video gaming is literally worldwide. You are given the opportunity to become friends with someone who lives on an entirely different continent.

Video games build long lasting and diverse friendships. This happens so easily and through many different types of video games.

Another reason that the world of video games is so appealing is because it is a distraction from the outside world. People who struggle with anxiety, stress, or just in general need to relax after a long day, can easily find relief in video games.

This can appeal to all ages as well. Children are not the most common users of video games. Teens are not the most common users of video games. Currently, those who are most using video games are young adults and middle aged adults.

It is easy to let the stresses of your day get the best of you but being able to escape your world entirely and focus on one central story or concept through a video game has been proven to be incredibly soothing for people. It is very common for adults to indulge in video games and feel more relaxation from that, than over sleeping.

Video games help people to make friends and help people relax. There are various benefits to playing video games however there are also downsides. In some studies, there have been reports of video games possibly leading to aggression or anger issues. However, this has not been tested with every single video game out there.

The different types of video games cannot be entirely narrowed down. However, a few different categories include: shooting games, educational, sporting games, and more recently developed, virtual reality.

Virtual reality games have been around for a while, however they have been more recently updated. There are many different games that one can play through virtual reality. These can include car racing games, scary/horror games, mazes, and many more. Virtual reality has also been for educational and training purposes in various instances. Medical professionals have used virtual reality to train students wishing to become doctors and different surgeries. This is beneficial as the student does not involve practicing on a real human body, rather a virtual body. The way that virtual reality works is with a headset and remotes that you use to control your character.

Video gaming is forever changing and will continue be beneficial for us in the future

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